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Video documentation provides the best evidence available to identify fabricated or exaggerated claims, malingering claimants or fraudulent activity. Our investigators are skilled experts able to defeat the vigilance of the most educated claimants. Using the latest technology, we can gather video evidence from a distance of over one mile or as close as three feet, in any terrain and light condition. You are assured that surveillance will never violate an individual’s “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Prior to initiating surveillance, a thorough Background Activities Investigation is recommended.

SIU Investigation

Investigation, analysis and referral of suspect activity for prosecution are required core competencies for all successful SIU programs. Our SIU specialists can help your anti-fraud team determine whether the evidence exists to prepare a case for criminal referral to law enforcement for prosecution. When the evidence fails to support the red flag indicators, we can help your personnel develop a plan for obtaining any additional evidence that may be needed to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

AOE/COE Compensability Investigations

Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment is a Workman’s Compensation-based investigation to determine whether an employee’s alleged injury was work related, non-industrial or affected by third parties. It is crucial in the early stages of a claim to determine injury-related accident facts before evidence is lost, memories deteriorate or witnesses and subjects can be coached by legal counsel or other interested third parties. The AOE/COE documents the claimant’s story through recorded and/or written statements and photographic evidence.

Recorded Statements

The initial statement of a claimant is often the most useful piece of information in determining the compensability of a claim. Our bilingual investigators obtain all information necessary to accurately evaluate a claim, using a professional, non-authoritative manner to treat claimants and witnesses with fairness and respect. We have experience with complex stress claims and intricate injury claims. Expert recorded statements are conducted either in person or by telephone. If recording is not an option, we take written statements.

Locating Witness/Claimant

Using a wide array of nationwide database searches along with possible in-person courthouse searches and interviewing of previous neighbors, relatives, or acquaintances, we will assist you in locating hard-to-find claimants or witnesses.

Accident Reconstruction

Out of the thousands of vehicle accidents that occur each year, the cause or reason for an accident may not be easily understood. Often the facts of an accident are disputed by the parties involved. Was there a mechanical defect, or road conditions that contributed to the accident? Were traffic laws being followed? Was speed a factor, and if so, what was the speed of the vehicle before the collision?

Security Camera Installation

The security needs of corporations, small businesses and home owners is our specialty. We can provide systems and internet based DVR's for easy off site monitoring or strait forward CCTV systems with internal protection. From a basic one camera system to a hundred camera ISP based system our experts can professionally install and maintain the system. Learn More